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The Triple Bluff

“The first inter-planetary consortium is in order, Madam Coordinator,” said the First Secretary to the newly formed Inter-planetary council. All the members took their seats, which in some ways was literal as in zero-g the act of ‘taking a seat’... Continue Reading →

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Discovered Gods

“So, what is the news O’ scholah’,” asked the Majesty tapping his seven fingers as if playing an octave. Scholar Jaja hated it. It was bad enough to be in the artificially heated palace where the temperature of negative 20... Continue Reading →

Jack and Jill Went Up The…

“The bomb will explode in 60 seconds,” Jack said wiping the beads of sweat from his forehead. The digital counter counted down. “But we are going at half the speed of light, doesn’t this mean that 60 seconds are more... Continue Reading →

Between the Lines

Love O’ Love, 2008As Ross waited for Jane on the park bench, thousands of possibilities swam into his mind. Will she say yes? Or he’ll even lose whatever they had together. He nervously shifted the bunch of roses from one... Continue Reading →


WARNING: Contains strong language and adult themes “He must have been at least 11-feet tall,” Bill said taking a meaty bite off his Jupiter burger. A mouthful of juicy meat burst onto his palate. Those expensive climate-controlled manufacturing plants at... Continue Reading →


“I see some unusual activity Chief,” said 143XIIFX, his complete set of thousand compound eyes glued to the mega screen. To humans, the information displayed on the screen was at best gibberish if not entirely invisible for Proximans saw in... Continue Reading →

The Termino Tangle

“Admiral Gator, orbit insertion in 20-mins,” said a voice behind his back. Admiral Gator didn’t bother turning around. He had done these missions hundreds of times and the crew churn was very high. There were new spacemen all the time.... Continue Reading →


She is alone, she is scared, and she is hungry. Being a Higher Power and gaining a million-year lifespan doesn’t absolve one from biological necessities. That privilege is reserved only for the Highest Powers. She should have thought about this before... Continue Reading →

Möbius Man

The date. The time. The timeline. The mask. The fucker was here. The gun cocked. “I jumped through twenty-six timelines to get to you.” “One would have sufficed, Möbius.” The bugger didn’t even turn around. And he knew my name.... Continue Reading →

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